Terms of Service

A few things we all just need to know.

  1. PumpOut.Me does not actually conduct any PumpOuts. PumpOuts are provided by PumpOut.Me's partners across the US. We are the network that brings it all together. As such we are not liable for any damages, missed appointments, etc. from the partners. We strive to ensure PumpOut.Me is fully operational at all times but can not be responsible for any down time due to natural disasters or other god-like acts.
  2. All data we collect via the PumpOut.Me registration and/or duing a PumpOut is for grant reporting requirements and ease of conducting a PumpOut. The minimum data required for government funding of our PumpOut program partners is disclosed to local and state governments. This is a Clean Vessel Act requirement that allows PumpOuts to be free. Your information will not be sold to a third party or commercial interest. We will, with your permission, send you special offers that third parties have available. These will come directly from our team.
  3. PumpOut.Me will send you emails regarding account updates, PumpOut requests, password resets, and PumpOut.Me service changes. These are considered routine emails that keep you informed of your requests and helps keep your account safe.